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& nbsp; & nbsp; [Chinese shoes Network - Scroll News] "breaking yards Deals", a thousand dollars of Nike sneakers Jinmai 299 yuan. Recently, the Trade and Industry Bureau of Xi'an Beilin Branch South Street, Trade and Industry seized more than 1,000 pairs of suspected counterfeit Nike shoes. April 25, South Street, Trade and Industry received a Nike commissioned professional fake people report, said the liberation of the south of Kaiyuan Mall market there is a no name on the 6th of shops selling counterfeit Nike sneakers, he had been in there buy shoes, basic can be identified as counterfeit products. After receiving the report, law enforcement officers immedi Cheap foamposites for sale ately to the store to investigate, law enforcement officers on the scene, the store no name, only a block and cover their heads in the door big advertising cloth, Nike logo below written "brand discount stores "the words on the billboard next to the words" breaking yards sale, the audience 2-6 fold. " Into the store, you can see the store is closed the game room occupied a corner, put a rack with more than 20 square meters of small shops on the seventy-eight counter filled with sports shoes, a sign above the display is the "Nike" brand. store sales records show that most of the original price of $ 800-1500 Nike sneakers, where the price is 299 yuan, 399 yuan. Cheap foamposites for sale After the inventory, there are more than 400 pairs of shoes on the shop counter, there are more than 600 pairs of temporary warehouse, a total of more than 1000 pairs. inspection, law enforcement officers found the shop no business license and can not produce supply manufacturers marketing authorization procedures and formalities. Currently, law enforcement officers on the shop more than 1000 pairs of suspected counterfeit "Nike" shoes were temporarily detained, the case is under further investigation. (Chinese shoes Network - the most authoritative and most professional shoe News Media Partners: shoe & nbsp; clothing and shoes information.)WOOD WOOD is a Dani Cheap jordans online sh fashion brand, recently released the 2016 spring and summer series of other LOOKBOOK. However, WOOD WOOD continued to uphold the Nordic style of tailoring and style, but also in the design of this season, the 70's end of the American style leisure style, as well as a series of elements of the design. Especially in the part of the design of women's wear is also containing a trace of neutral style, leaves and stripes of the details have a very clear sense of visual sense. source: 1626 last year the eighth session of the shoes the first set of the Taiwan Pavilion, in April 19th this year, the ninth Shoe Fair opening day, Jinjiang city will be invited to the c Cheap jordans online air jordan 11 blackout for sale ross-strait economic experts and business representatives of a Jinjiang shoe industry TV Forum ideas. the China shoes, the next station -- cross strait TV Footwear Development Forum "will continue to" a pair of shoes on both sides? "Way of observation, the cross-strait economic experts, representatives of businesses, interaction, collision, by referring to the international and domestic enterprises in the typical case, analysis of Jinjiang footwear industry status quo, explore the" Chinese the shoe, the next station "this very thinking connotation, seek new impetus for the economic development of Jinjiang, to explore the deeper cooperation and processing and Cheap air jordans for sale trade on both sides of the footwear industry, so as to promote the footwear industry in Jinjiang industrial upgrading, and for the West Coast Economic Zone Construction suggestions. It is reported that children sports shoes, national standards are in full swing, in the formulation of the targets to make strict regulations. shortly after, children's sports shoes will have a unified national standard. The day before, the reporter from the Chinese leather and footwear industry Research Institute standard Center learned that children's shoes are made of standard wildly beating gongs and drums. Experts said the standards would fill the gap in chi Retro jordans for sale ldren's athletic shoes and make sports shoes more comfortable and comfortable for children and more conducive to children's development. is the children's health shoes now kids like to wear sneakers because they are so comfortable and comfortable to wear. But many mothers do not know, because the current children's sports shoes without national standards, and some enterprises even follow adult standards to make children's shoes. in August 11th, the reporter conducted a survey of some children's shoes franchised stores and wholesale markets in Chengdu and found that the quality of children's shoes was uneven due to lack of standards cheap foamposites . in Chunxi Road Jinlang stores, many brands have launched a children's sports shoes. A brand counter sales staff told reporters that the brand children's shoes mainly for 4 to 14 year old children's wear, too soft on the development of children's bone is not good, so moderate hardness soles. In addition, the materials for children's shoes are soft and delicate, so that the delicate skin of the children can not be scratched. Reporters found that children's shoes here are relatively expensive, mostly in the 200 - 300 yuan between. followed by reporters.)Nate Robinson once again brought us wonderful court shoes and feet. After the last time we reported the Air Jordan 11 "Concord" hot color matching, this time he brought a familiar and highly popular shoe.Sports players Nike 2012 ?? new Pinnacle Series shoes 2012-07-18 10:18:13 & nbsp; Chinese shoes network & nbsp; [Source: kidulty] Print & nbsp; Close Chinese shoes network July 18 hearing, for girls, always complain that more girls than boys shoes too much, too much color, and even many shoes are designed for the boys and design, today you girls do not bother angry, seize the experience the new Nike 2012 ?? Pinnacle Series. 1 2 & nbsp; Related newsNew Balance recently sold H710 off-road series launched 2010 autumn / winter new products. H710 cross-country series has been widely acclaimed, it is because the shoes combine climbing shoes and sports shoes characteristics. The sale of this new brand continues to brand high-quality footwear technology, uppers to high-grade leather forging, exquisite leather lines, showing a high sense of texture. Stylish brown color matching, with a jump yellow yellow at the bottom of the mix will be very effective interpretation of the mix. This section is now available on the New Balance licensing business. 2012-5-26 06:21 upload download attachment (66.27, KB) , in addition to the playoffs for the debut of the black gold Jordan Fly Wade 2 EV, there is another different style of color version will also be listed on June. The shoes are made of club purple, with black inner boots, details, and large bottoms with white, with sparking pink shoelaces for ornament, and low profile friends can find highlights on the court this summer. It was on sale in June 2012 and sold at $145USD. 2012-5-26 06:21 upload and download attachments (67.28 KB) Nike Hyperfr3sh the new color of coming in early March officially on sale, the shoes into the wave point elements, as a whole or in black and white as the main colors, light, comfortable, and good breathable performance is the biggest advantage of it. source: kicksonfire